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Silver Coins For Sale

Treasures of Oz has earned a stellar reputation in the coin collecting world by commissioning exquisite silver coins and releasing them for sale. Collectors, investors and gift-givers worldwide have been exceedingly pleased with the results.


We began Treasures of Oz in international wholesale coin markets, where we experienced several years of success. When we began to see the demand for our limited edition silver coins increase, and entire collections sold out within days of their initial release, we knew we had to present our coins for sale to the public. Our unique limited edition silver coins are available directly from our website out of Perth Australia.


Collectors enjoy accruing silver coins because they double as a bullion investment and they are prized collectibles. While silver bullion may be one of the more plain investment forms of collectible silver, silver coins for collecting offer a wide array of designs and finishes. There is a notable difference in price structure between bullion and collectible coins, as well. Because silver coins retain their legal tender face value, their baseline value may serve as an inflation hedge, helping investors feel more at ease about investing in these coins.


However, the real value of these coins may lie in the gorgeous designs, intricate artwork and varying finishes of the coins minted for each release. Silver coins appeal to collectors because of their beauty.


Collectors who may find themselves priced out of the gold and platinum markets discover that silver is an affordable niche in coin collecting. Collectors may be delighted to find a particular theme, subject or series that suits their individual interests; unique silver coins also make remarkable gifts for family members and friends.


Types of Silver Coins for Sale

Most countries today issue silver coins, and Treasures of Oz is proud to present a wide range of coins issued by Tokelau especially, as well as by Fiji, the Cook Islands, Burundi, Benin and the Republic of the Congo.

In many of the issues from these countries, animals play a prominent role in the coin’s design. Another popular theme among collectors takes its inspiration from the Chinese lunar calendar, and as a result, there are a wide range of styles and designs available in this series.

Silver coin collections, especially those from African countries, may feature endangered species. You also find coins that celebrate love, and cultures that are big on gift giving, such as China and Russia, enjoy bestowing these coins on their loved ones. Unique coins also may be presented in diverse shapes, including hearts, rectangles, and even the shape of a particular country. One of the more desirable coins with a unique shape is the Lady of Fortune silver coin by Treasures of Oz.

Pricing of Silver Coins

Multiple factors affect the pricing of silver coins.

As a rule of thumb, you may purchase bullion silver coins at a relatively small price above the current value of silver. Five mints worldwide (the Perth Mint, Austrian Mint, Canadian Mint, US Mint, and Mexico Mint) produce most of the bullion silver coin for sale, this bullion is minted in large quantities and sold or traded regularly. In recent years, these mints have offered a more limited number of “collectible bullion” coins with more interesting finishes and designs than standard bullion.

Proof coins are highly sought after because they are minted in limited numbers. Most proof coins have a mirrored surface and frosted design, although designs may include colouring, gilding, antiquing and reverse proofs.

Each proof coin is numbered and packaged individually in a presentation box or case. These coins sell for much higher prices than bullion silver coins because the time and cost of manufacturing each proof coin must be amortised over the small number of coins that have been minted. These additional designs add to the cost of each coin.

Novelty coins cost more than proof coins because of insets that may include precious and semi-precious gems, filigree, holographs, glass and encasements, and even nano technology.

Whether your interests lie in collecting bullion silver coins, proof coins, or novelty coins, be assured that there are coins available to delight both your senses and your wallet.



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