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Year of the Goat

According to Chinese astrology, those people born during the Year of the Goat are perceived as calm individuals deeply devoted to a cause, an ideal and the people they love. They are contemplative and curious thinkers who are creative, practical and resourceful. It’s fairly easy to identify a person born in the Year of the Goat.

However, there is some confusion about whether it is a goat or sheep that represents astrological sign that is The Year of the Goat. The answer is not as obvious as you might think. Some places say that the goat is the preferred symbol because their climate is too warm for sheep, while other geographical areas say that no goat would survive their climate. The Chinese word yáng means both goat and sheep. Thus, the goat and the sheep (or ram) are interchangeable as the symbolic animal representing The Year of the Goat.

Look to Treasures of Oz for the development of three Chinese lunar coin series, which includes the Tokelau Lunar ‘Family’ Series, the Tokelau Ring-shaped Series and the Fiji Ying Yang and Filigree Series. While each of these three series offer beautiful coins that eager collectors want for their collections, each passing year also brings additional opportunity for related themes in collectible coins. For example, the Year of the Horse saw a line of “Troika” coins, just as the Year of the Goat has seen well-received “Capricornus” coins.

That means that you will have a variety of tempting choices for creating an individualized coin collection that reflects your unique tastes, personality and preferred price points.

Goats are fascinating characters - just have a look at these Tree Goats in Morocco!  Amazing.  


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