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Year of the Horse

In Chinese astrology, those who are born during the Year of the Horse reveal typical traits that include a cunning intellect, a love for travel, and a willingness to work hard to achieve goals. That’s because horses are known to be clever, they are nomadic, and horses are willing to labor toward goals.

Those born during the Year of the Horse are also social in nature; they love all kinds of gatherings and recognize everyone as a friend because they perceive only two kinds of people – those they already have met and become friends with and those they haven’t met yet but are going to become friends with.

Whether you are celebrating these traits or seeking to augment your coin collection, Treasures of Oz offers you a variety of coin releases from which to choose.

Here you will find a diverse collection of coins, all of which celebrate the Year of the Horse. These stunning coins present the horse in many gorgeous and varied representations, including realistic and idealized versions. In this collection, you’ll find silver coins featuring traditional equine characteristics – flowing manes and tails, flaring nostrils and supple muscles, and coins that take a stylized approach to featuring the elegant horse.

You’ll discover several offerings in the Tokelau Coin Series, including coloured and reverse proof coins, Ying Yang coins, a ring-shaped carousel coin and a fan-shaped horse from the Cook Islands.

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