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Year of the Snake

First offered in 2013, coins from Tokelau and the Cook Islands celebrating this Chinese astrological sign quickly sold out due to unforeseen and immense popularity.

The coins in the Snake Family included the Tokelau ‘Family’ Lunar coins in antique and reverse proof designs that were purchased quickly because of their striking beauty.

One of the most fabulous coins offered was the 2013 Year of the Snake – Snake Infinity 2oz Silver Ring-Shaped Coloured Proof Tokelau Coin. This coin included every characteristic a serious collector could wish for, as well as meaningful symbolism in the design presentation. Astute coin collectors quickly snapped up the coin as soon as it became available. (Sign up for our newsletter so you may receive advance notice of new releases; you’ll also receive some great offers on purchases.)

Like those individuals born during the Chinese Year of the Snake, wise numismatists made quick decisions about pursuing this coin. In Chinese astrology, the snake is not a symbol of evil like it is in Western mythology. Other traits for those born in this sign include having lots of charisma, loving public attention and being determined. The snake has gracious manners and is often lucky with money. Many people, whether or not they want to admit it or not, are drawn to the personality of the snake.

Perhaps that’s why collectors wanted these coins for themselves.

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