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Tokelau Fish

Tokelau Fish

The atolls of Tokelau are home to a myriad of fish that form a fundamental part of every day life for the local people.  The wonderful variety of species, shapes and colors of the fish known in the waters surrounding Tokelau provide the perfect design theme for this legal tender coin series.

Tokelau takes a strong stand to protect its fish life and declared its entire EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) as a shark sanctuary in 2011.

Kakahi Yellowfin Tuna

As all the fish have local names as well as their more recognisable English names, both have been used on the coins, bringing a taste of the local culture to the program.  The first coin in the series featured the Kakahi - Yellowfin Tuna which was issued in 1oz and 1/2oz pure silver bullion format in 2014.  The same design was released in March 215 in 0.5g pure gold.  Proof and coloured versions of the Yellowfin Tuna are also planned in 2015. 

The yellowfin tuna is one of the most popular fish to anglers, both for sport and for food. This fish takes its name from the vivid yellow sickle-shaped fins that extend above and below its sleek body.  Tuna are large and powerful ocean swimmers, and the yellowfin is no exception.  This fish can grow to almost 3 meters long and 400 kg in weight, and is a voracious predator that preys upon smaller fish and squid.   Unlike most fish, tuna are actually warm-blooded, which makes them swift swimmers that can migrate across entire oceans. 

Mokoka Great White Shark

The great white shark is featured in the second in the Tokelau Fish coin series.  The great white shark is found in the surface coastal waters of all the world's oceans.  They can grow to over 6m in length and have no natural predators apart from orca.  

The Great White Shark coins will be released in bullion format initially in April 2015 and in silver varieties and small gold later in the year.

Shark Tooth Coins

An additional coin in the Tokelau range is a 1oz pure silver coin with a fossilised shark tooth encapsulated within the coin!  This stunning coin is a special release and has a beautifully designed obverse in keeping with the nautical theme.

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