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Small Gold Coins

Small Gold Coins

Gold is one of the most collectible commodities on earth. By this standard, men have risen in power, lost it all and risen again, making its desirability one of the most recognizable. Throughout history, gold has been the standard by which wealth and acuity is measured.

Gold coinage can provide an excellent canvas for some of the best and most intricate artwork, and the smallest gold coins are especially valued because of the skill and artistry required for capturing the essence of an image and bringing it to life in such a tiny space. Collectors of small gold coins have long been intrigued by the detail that can be accomplished on a minute gold coin.

Proof quality coins require that the coin design must transfer easily to the minting process, meaning that each relief must read as well in eleven millimetres as it does in a larger diameter of hundreds of millimetres. Scaling a design down to such small dimensions is a task of gargantuan size.

The mint making these coins must take careful precautions with the handling of gold coins. At .5g, the gold coins are delicate and easily damaged if mishandled in the slightest way. Vigilance does not stop here. The die used to mint each coin must reflect the integrity of the coin’s design with each strike. When a perfect coin has been made, no human fingers touch it in order to preserve the coin exactly in both shape and design.

Minting these coins to proof-like quality requires a high level of diligence and attention to detail, which is what BH Mayer Mint of Germany, where these Treasures of Oz coins are made, does every day. Their processes from, beginning to end, are flawless, and you may be as delighted as we are with the quality of these gorgeous coins.

Owning gold has never been easier or more affordable, due in part because of the popularity of small gold coins among collectors. Purchasing small gold coins, especially when there is an added bonus of exquisite art, is a practical and fun way to begin a gold coin collection.

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