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Creatures of Myth & Legend

In the early ages of man, many events, both natural and supernatural, could be explained only through myth and legends. Cultures invented fabulous stories about deities and incredible creatures that not only awed and inspired those humble beings living on the earth, but also taught important lessons about characteristics that societies valued, such as pride, honour, humility, perseverance and hard work.

The latest release in this series features the magnificent Poseidon, father of Pegasus and God of the Sea.  Available individual and with a silver set option, the series also includes an individual high relief antique silver coin which is truly spectacular.

It is the Creatures of Myth and Legend series that gave birth to two outstanding silver coin designs in 2014: Pegasus and the Unicorn. These two legendary creatures complemented the 2014 Year of the Horse coins. Awhile similar to horses, Pegasus and the Unicorn also bring powerful beauty and strength; each figure is a commanding presence in its own right.

Two other mythological designs emerged in 2015, these creatures taking on goat-like shapes. The Aries and Capricornus coins have been popular complements to coins that commemorate the Year of the Goat.


Poseidon was famed to be the god of the sea, earthquakes, storms and horses.  He was the protector of all waters and sailors relied on him for safe passage.  He carried a trident and was said to be able to cause an earthquake by tapping it on the ground.  His primary means of transport was a chariot pulled by magnificent horses.  He was father to Pegasus whom he conceived with Medusa, who was hideously cursed by Athena because she married Poseidon.


The winged horse Pegasus lives in the clouds, where he inspires gentle breezes and rules storms of lightning and thunder. His massive wings carry him aloft in the sky until he touches down on the earth. By merely striking his impressive hooves against the ground, Pegasus causes wells of inspiration to spring up. Poets and writers revere the winged horse because it is he who drives the reluctant Muse to their pens. Befriend the mighty Pegasus and you will have gained a powerful ally.


Legends from diverse cultures around the world have told the tale of an exotic creature that looked like a horse and yet bore a solitary horn from its forehead. The elusive white unicorn, that symbolizes purity and grace, could only be seen and captured by those who are most virtuous. The legend surrounding this fabulous creature has captured the imaginations of people across continents, cultures and centuries.


The constellation Aries, which is shaped like a ram’s head, represents the fleece so ardently sought by Jason and the Argonauts. Only he who possessed the Golden Fleece could be the rightful king of Iolcos in Thessaly. Greek legend tells us that this ram carried the cloud nymph Nephele’s children away from harm.

Capricornus the Goatfish

The goat and fish-like creature Capricornus has been part of man’s mythology since the Middle Bronze Age. The Greeks later associated the image of the Water Goat and its constellation with the god Pan, who was able to save himself from Typhon’s clutches by growing a fish tale and jumping into the river for safety. Capricorn is sometimes identified with Amalthea, who nursed Zeus when he was an infant.


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