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World's Most Romantic Cities

There is perhaps nothing more wonderful than exploring and enjoying a romantic city with the love of your life. Now with this coin series, you can commemorate your travels to these locations, herald the advent of a new adventure, or delight in the romantic appeal each coin at home.

The World’ Most Romantic Cities begins its itinerary in Venice, where cobblestone roads lace their way through buildings whose architecture and construction have withstood centuries. The silver coin featuring Venice depicts all that for which Venice is known. Two romantic lovers ride under the Rialto Bridge in a gondola steered by a gondolier in formal attire, and from overhead, two masked participants from Carnival look down upon the scene.

The design of this silver coin represents some of the best of Venice, including its history, culture and seductiveness. Whether you love the masked festival known as Carnival, relish the thought of being serenaded on a gondola ride or want to let gothic architecture lead you to points of historical interest, this coin symbolizes all that is romantic about Venice.

Venice is only the first stop. Be prepared to embark on a global journey of love with these gorgeous silver coins from each of the most romantic cities in the world.

Paris, Kyoti and Barcelona are some of the next romantic cites being considered for release. Where will the next coin in this series take you? 

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